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What Can Damage Solar Panels?

Solar Energy | 23 August 2023

Solar panels have become increasingly popular as a clean and renewable energy source. They offer numerous benefits, such as reduced energy costs and a smaller carbon footprint; however, it is essential to understand that solar panels are only partially impervious to damage and that several factors can affect their performance and longevity. As an electrical and renewable energy expert, BNR Electric understands the importance of maintaining solar panels to ensure optimal performance. That is why we have compiled some factors that can damage solar panels.

4 Factors that Can Negatively Impact Solar Panels

1. Environmental Factors

Solar panels are vulnerable to environmental factors such as hailstorms, high winds, and extreme temperatures. Hailstorms can cause physical damage, so using tempered glass or protective covers is advised. High winds can lead to misalignment or detachment, but secure mounting systems can prevent this. Extreme hot and fluctuating temperatures can decrease efficiency, but proper ventilation and installation techniques can mitigate these effects.

2. Natural Events

Natural events also play a significant role in damaging solar panels. For instance, lightning strikes near a solar array can cause electrical surges that may fry electronic components and disrupt the system’s functionality. Natural events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes are another concern. The strong winds generated during these events can cause physical damage by dislodging or shattering the panels. Additionally, falling debris or flying objects can puncture or crack the surface of the panels.

3. Wildlife and Pest Intrusion

Birds, squirrels, and other animals may find their way onto rooftops where solar panels are installed. While their presence might seem harmless at first glance, these creatures can cause significant damage by nesting or chewing on wires. Additionally, bird droppings can accumulate on the surface of the panels, reducing their efficiency over time. Utilizing deterrents, such as netting or bird spikes, can prevent wildlife intrusion and damage.

4. Human-Induced Factors

Improper installation practices, including poor wiring connections, inadequate sealing, and improper mounting, can compromise solar panels’ performance and structural integrity over time. Employing certified professionals, following manufacturer guidelines, and conducting regular inspections can help prevent these issues. Lack of maintenance, such as the accumulation of dust and debris, can reduce efficiency, but regular cleaning and inspection can preserve optimal performance. Accidental damage or vandalism, including impacts and harsh contact during cleaning, can also cause physical harm. Installing security measures can deter vandalism and protect solar panels from unauthorized access.

If you want to know what can cause harm to solar panels, contact BNR Electric for more information about our solar energy services. Our team is available through our online contact form and will collaborate with you to provide the ideal solution for your requirements.


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