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Warning Signs of Electrical Fires

Electrical Safety | 11 January 2022

While electricity is vital for our homes and the devices we use, it also carries several risks that must be accounted for. Among these risks, electrical fires carry the highest potential for damage, loss of property, injuries, and fatalities. To keep yourself, your family, and your home safe, it is crucial to understand the warning signs of electrical fires. To recognize these signs, it is important to first know what to look for. That is why the electrical contractors at BNR Electric have compiled a list of common signs of electrical fires to help you minimize the chance of injury or significant property damage.

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3 Common Signs of Electrical Fires

While the following issues are often regarded as minor inconveniences, they can be a sign of an electrical fire behind your outlets or between your walls. If you notice any of the following signs in your home, be sure to contact a professional electrician as soon as possible to perform an inspection and required repairs:

1. Frequent Breaker Tripping

If your breaker trips multiple times per week, this may be an indicator of a short circuit. A short circuit is a large flow of electrical current that results from improper connections. This electrical current is hazardous and trips the breaker to shut down the flow of electricity. Fuses may also blow when a short circuit occurs, so it is advised to replace these fuses with new units of the appropriate size.

2. Flickering Lights

While old lightbulbs can be a cause of flickering lights, the more common cause is arcing due to poor connections within your home’s electrical system. If your lights are flickering, replace any affected lightbulbs. If this issue continues to occur even after replacing lightbulbs, take note of the room it is occurring in and contact a professional. Consistent flickering or dimming of lights is a common sign of frayed or loose connections and will require repair from a licensed electrician.

3. Discoloured and Hot Outlets

Overloaded outlets will often be hot to the touch. In some cases, these outlets may even become discoloured, changing from white to yellow or brown. Ensure that you are not exceeding the capacity of an outlet. High-quality surge protectors or power bars can reduce strain on outlets, but these units must never be placed under rugs, clothes, or other materials that can increase heat and pose a fire hazard.

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