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Useful Electrical Upgrades for Commercial Facilities

Commercial Electricity | 18 April 2023

The commercial sector is one of the largest in the world, and being electrically up to date is essential for maintaining efficiencies and for keeping up with demand. Upgrading electrical systems can also help decrease costs in the long run, improve the whole work system, and ensure the safety of your employees and your property. That is why our commercial electrical contractors at BNR Electric have compiled a list of useful electrical upgrades for commercial facilities to help you determine if upgrading is in your best interests.

Learn about when to upgrade your commercial building’s electric systems.

What Electrical Upgrades Should You Make to Your Commercial Facility?

Some common electrical upgrades that can be made to a commercial facility include:

1. Wiring Modifications

Wiring in commercial buildings can become obsolete or damaged over time, resulting in electrical hazards. Wiring upgrades can increase safety, dependability, and energy efficiency.

2. Individual Circuits

Dedicated circuits provide vital equipment or appliances with their power supply. Uploading these circuits can lower the danger of overloading the electrical system and increasing safety.

3. HVAC Improvements

Updating HVAC systems may enhance energy efficiency and cost savings while improving air quality and comfort.

4. Generators for Emergencies

In the case of a power loss, installing emergency generators can supply backup power, ensuring that critical systems continue to work.

5. Power Factor Correction

Power factor correction entails installing capacitors to increase the efficiency of electrical devices and minimize energy expenses. This modification can also extend the life of electrical equipment and lessen the likelihood of electrical breakdowns or interruptions.

6. Electrical Panels

Upgrading electrical panels may enhance safety and dependability with features such as circuit breakers, surge protectors, and increased capacity.

7. Systems for Renewable Energy

Renewable energy systems, such as solar panels, can lessen dependency on traditional energy sources while saving money in the long run.

8. Surge Protectors

Surge protectors assist in safeguarding equipment from electrical surges produced by lightning strikes, power outages, voltage issues, or other occurrences that might harm electronic devices.

9. Lighting Upgrades

Improvements to LED lighting may cut energy use, save money on electricity costs, and enhance overall lighting quality.

10. Energy Management Systems

Energy management systems can assist facilities in tracking energy consumption, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing energy-saving initiatives.

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