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Risks and Hazards of Knob and Tube Wiring

Residential Electricity | 15 March 2022

If you own a home that was constructed before or around 1950, it is important to determine the type of wiring system you currently have. If your home is equipped with knob and tube wiring, it may be time to contact a licensed residential electrical contractor to replace this system with a modern solution. Though knob and tube wiring was a popular choice for homes due to its cost-effectiveness, it has since become outdated, obsolete, and hazardous when compared to modern wiring. To demonstrate why this type of wiring system should be replaced as soon as possible, the team at BNR Electric has compiled a list of the risks and hazards of knob and tube wiring.

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4 Hazards Associated with Knob and Tube Wiring

Knob and tube wiring can present the following hazards for any home:

1. Deterioration Due to Age

Though knob and tube wiring systems still function in many homes, most have deteriorated and worn down due to their age. In addition to wear, knob and tube wiring systems are not rated to handle the electrical requirements for modern homes. This means that they are often overloaded and pose a significant fire hazard.

2. No Resistance to Moisture

While most modern wiring systems are rated to handle low to moderate moisture, knob and tube wiring systems are not. This makes them an extremely poor and dangerous choice for kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces as each of these areas have a higher moisture content than other rooms.

3. No Ground Wire

Grounding is a vital element of electrical safety for every home. Knob and tube wiring systems lack a ground wire, making them incompatible with modern three-prong appliances and other devices. When plugging a device into an outlet, it is more susceptible to voltage fluctuations and surges, increasing the risk of damage, fire, and electrical shocks.

4. Unsafe Modifications

Unfortunately, many homeowners attempt to modify knob and tube wiring systems on their own instead of hiring a professional electrician. These modifications are often unsafe and can lead to severe electrical hazards. Spicing, masking, and DIY connections are all examples of potentially unsafe modifications that can be performed on knob and tube wiring systems. If your home is equipped with a knob and tube system, get in touch with BNR Electric to see how we can help.

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