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Why you Should Harness Solar Energy for Your Farm

Solar Energy | 17 August 2021

When it comes to farming and agricultural applications, energy costs can be a massive expenditure. As energy costs continue to rise, solar energy systems have become a popular choice for...

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Benefits of Installing EV Charging Stations at Your Business

Electric Cars | 10 August 2021

As all-electric car sales continue to rise, EV (electric vehicle) charging stations have become a desirable feature in any parking lot. Though EV chargers require a significant cost and space...

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Advantages of Switching to Solar Energy

Solar Energy | 20 July 2021

As the costs of electricity continue to rise, many homeowners are searching for ways to save money without sacrificing too much comfort. While there are many options available for saving...

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Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Electrician

If you are looking at hiring a commercial electrical contractor or residential electrical contractor, it can be difficult to know where to begin. To ensure that you are hiring the...

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Common Electrical Hazards in the Workplace

Whether you are working on a construction site or in an office, there are several electrical hazards that you can encounter during daily operations. From damaged outlets to poorly grounded...

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Can you run Your Entire House on Solar Power?

Solar power is a green and renewable energy source that is becoming increasingly popular for BC residents. Choosing a solar energy system reduces your carbon footprint, decreases your energy costs,...

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Signs That you Need to Replace the Wiring in Your House

Do you know how old the wiring is in your home? Outdated and damaged wiring can lead to significant electrical safety hazards and damage. To minimize the risk of an...

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How do Solar Panels Work?

Solar Energy | 22 April 2021

Solar panels are a green and efficient source of power that can be viable for many homes and commercial facilities. Installing solar panels can allow for independent generation of electricity...

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Power Saving Tips for Offices

Electrical Tips | 15 April 2021

A typical office will utilize many lights, kitchen appliances, computers, printers, and other devices throughout a standard day. Though many of these devices are needed for daily tasks, there are...

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Is Aluminum Wiring Safe for my Home?

If you live in a home that was constructed in the mid-1960s or 70s, you may have an electrical system that uses aluminum wiring. Aluminum wiring was commonly utilized in...

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