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Energy Saving Tips for Your Home

Residential Electricity | 30 November 2021

From washers and dryers to heaters and light fixtures, there are many devices that consume power during use. Though many of these devices are required to maintain a high level of comfort for your home, they can become a significant expense if used incorrectly or too often. As a team of experienced industrial and residential electrical contractors, the team at BNR Electric knows how important energy efficiency and proactive monitoring of energy consumption are for any home. That is why our team has compiled a list of useful energy saving tips for your home to help you reduce energy costs without compromising comfort or livability.

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4 Tips to Reduce Energy Costs for Your Home

Performing the following actions can help you reduce energy costs without impacting the comfort of your home:

1. Utilize a Programmable Thermostat

Heating and cooling require a significant amount of energy each year, making them one of the most significant expenses to track. That is why many homeowners are switching to programmable thermostats that allow them to set different temperature settings depending on whether they are home or away, reducing energy consumption and wear on your heater/air conditioner. Many of these units can also be controlled via phone apps, allowing for manual adjustments at any time.

2. Wash Your Clothes with Cold Water

Heating water requires a surprising amount of energy. While washing with warm or hot water was the standard for many years, most modern washing machines and clothing are designed to be washed with cold water. This allows you to achieve the same level of cleanliness while cutting down on energy usage.

3. Install Efficient Lightbulbs and Light Fixtures

Old fluorescent bulbs and outdated light fixtures may produce enough light for your home, but they consume far more energy to do so than modern bulbs and fixtures. To achieve the same amount of light coverage while drastically reducing energy consumption, consider installing modern LED lights and swapping out old fixtures for new units with built-in LED lighting. It is also worth utilizing natural light during the day as much as possible to reduce the amount of time your lights are powered on.

4. Invest in Quality Insulation and Windows

Insulation and window thickness have a more significant impact on the internal temperature of a home than many homeowners realize. Cheap insulation and thin windows can cause external cold or heat to seep into your home, requiring your heater or air conditioner to do more work to maintain a comfortable temperature. Though it may require a significant investment, quality insulation and thick windows can pay for themselves through consistent energy cost savings.

To learn more about reducing your energy costs or to inquire about our residential electrical services, get in touch with the team at BNR Electric. We can be reached through our online contact form and will be happy to discuss your electrical project.

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