do ceiling fans save you money?

When it comes to the scorching heat of summer and the biting cold of winter, keeping your house comfortable without dramatically increasing energy costs may be difficult. While central air conditioning and heating systems offer outstanding results, they can cost several dollars per day to run. If you are looking for an efficient and cost-effective method of heating or cooling your home, a modern ceiling fan may be the perfect solution. As a team of experienced commercial and residential electrical contractors, BNR Electric knows how beneficial ceiling fans can be for all types of homes and commercial properties. That is why our team has compiled some information to demonstrate how ceiling fans save you money without compromising comfort.

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Ceiling fans can save money by offering the following advantages and benefits:


Ceiling fans are exceptionally cost-effective in comparison to air conditioners and electric heaters. A typical central A/C unit costs around 30-40 cents per hour to run while the average ceiling fan costs less than one cent per hour. This makes them an excellent method to save money while still preserving comfort in key areas of your home. Your ceiling fans should be used in conjunction with your A/C system as this will help to minimize the number of times it needs to cycle on during a hot day.


Aside from heating and cooling, most modern ceiling fans have integrated high-efficiency LEDs. This allows you to illuminate bedrooms, living rooms, and other important areas of your home while keeping them at a pleasant temperature. Though these LED lights consume more energy than the fan motor, they are comparable to regular light fixtures in terms of efficiency, allowing you to receive the benefits of a light fixture and ceiling fan in one convenient unit.


Most contemporary ceiling fans have reversible motors that allow the blades to rotate in the opposite direction. This generates an updraft that creates heat instead of cooling, letting you use them all year without sacrificing comfort. Look for a switch on the motor housing’s side to confirm if your fan has this feature. If no switch is present, it may be time to upgrade your ceiling fan.

To learn more about the benefits of ceiling fans or to discuss the details of your commercial or residential electrical project, get in touch with the team at BNR Electric. We can be reached through our online contact form and will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our services.

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