different types of electric car charging stations 

If you own an electric vehicle, it is important to know as much as possible about the different methods of charging it and what the best system for your home or business might be. There are a couple of different types of electric car charging stations and many of them will need to be installed by qualified electricians, like the ones at BNR Electric.


Electric vehicles are becoming more and more prominent and affordable and, as they gain in popularity, the technology for them is improving and becoming more accessible as well. It is common to see electric car chargers at businesses, public areas, and homes, and knowing the difference between the different types of electric vehicle chargers can help you make the best decision for your car. The types of EV chargers are divided by levels that denote how fast and powerful they are. These charger types include:


The most basic type of EV charger is a level 1, which is essentially a common wall outlet charger. These chargers can often be transported with your vehicle and plugged in at nearly any location with a 110-volt outlet to charge, making them extremely convenient and versatile; however, they typically take a very long time to charge a vehicle. Level 1 chargers can often require a full 24 hour period to fully charge an electric car.


The most typical type of electric car charger that can be seen at homes and public charging stations is a level 2 charger. Level 2 chargers are capable of charging a vehicle within a few hours. There are many different versions of level 2 chargers available and different connectors will work with various car brands. Most types of level 2 chargers require installation by an electrician while others are portable, so make sure that you talk to a qualified electrician who specializes with electric car chargers before making a purchase.


Level 3 chargers are often called DC Fast Chargers, as they are able to charge an electric vehicle with incredible speed. These chargers are typically only found in public spaces or as installations from a specific electric vehicle company. Level 3 chargers are not always compatible with all types of electric vehicles.

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