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Home Electrical Safety Checklist

The electrical system in your home features many interconnected components that work together to power every small device, large appliance, and other item in your home. Though these systems will...

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What are Ungrounded Outlets?

Ungrounded outlets are commonly found in older homes and buildings and can be identified by simply looking at the face of the outlet. On nearly all modern homes, there should...

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Energy Saving Tips for Your Home

Residential Electricity | 30 November 2021

From washers and dryers to heaters and light fixtures, there are many devices that consume power during use. Though many of these devices are required to maintain a high level...

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4 Reasons Why Your Lights are Flickering

Lighting, Residential Electricity | 26 October 2021

Flickering lights are a surprisingly common issue for residential and commercial properties. In addition to the inconvenience flickering lights cause, they can also be a sign of larger electrical issues...

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What to Look for in a Professional Electrician

If you are looking to upgrade the electrical panel in your home or need a new set of light fixtures installed for your commercial building, you will likely need the...

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When should you Upgrade Your Electrical Panel?

Residential Electricity | 17 June 2021

Electrical panels are vital components for any home. In addition to providing electricity to all connected devices, they help keep your home safe from various electrical hazards. To ensure optimal...

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Signs That you Need to Replace the Wiring in Your House

Do you know how old the wiring is in your home? Outdated and damaged wiring can lead to significant electrical safety hazards and damage. To minimize the risk of an...

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Is Aluminum Wiring Safe for my Home?

If you live in a home that was constructed in the mid-1960s or 70s, you may have an electrical system that uses aluminum wiring. Aluminum wiring was commonly utilized in...

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What Does it Cost to Update an Old Electrical System?

If you live in an older home or are buying an old building, it is worth having an electrician take a look at your electrical system to make sure that...

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Electrical Installations for Home Offices

Residential Electricity | 10 December 2020

If you are looking into the possibility of setting up a home office for your business, it is important to consider whether or not the room in which you intend...

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