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5 Common Residential Electrical Hazards

Residential Electricity | 6 April 2023

When it comes to safety, the importance of recognizing potential electrical hazards cannot be overstated. The top 5 common residential electrical hazards cause a lot of accidents in Canada every...

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When to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

Residential Electricity | 9 March 2023

Your electrical panel is a crucial component for your home as it provides electricity to all connected devices while helping to keep your home safe from various electrical hazards. To...

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How to Choose the Right Backup Generator

If you are considering purchasing a backup generator for your home or commercial property, it can be difficult to determine which option is best for your needs and budget. While...

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5 Ways to Save Power for Your Home Office

Residential Electricity | 10 January 2023

Since working from home has become the new standard for many employees, it has never been more important to consider energy efficiency for your home office. This is especially true...

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Does Your Home Need a Subpanel?

Residential Electricity | 16 November 2022

Electrical panels are vital components of every home regardless of their size, age, or layout. While most homes can function properly with a single electrical panel, some homeowners may choose...

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4 Appliances That Can Trip Your Circuit Breakers

Residential Electricity | 20 October 2022

A tripped circuit breaker is always an inconvenience, especially if you experience multiple trips per week. While it is typically easy to reset your electrical panel or fuse box, it...

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Do You Need a Backup Generator for Your Home?

Residential Electricity | 21 July 2022

If your home is subjected to frequent power outages, you likely understand how disruptive and detrimental they can be to your daily routine. This is especially true if you have...

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Common Electrical Problems with Old Buildings

If you are looking at purchasing an older home or currently own an old commercial property, it is important to be aware of various electrical issues that can occur as...

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When Should You Replace an Outlet?

Power outlets are an element of every home and commercial property that is commonly overlooked. While it is often easier to assume that every outlet in a building is in...

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4 Tips to Increase Electric Baseboard Heater Efficiency

Residential Electricity | 19 April 2022

Temperature control accounts for a large portion of every homeowner’s energy expenses throughout the year, especially if their home is equipped with electric baseboard heaters instead of a gas-powered furnace....

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