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Can you run Your Entire House on Solar Power?

Solar power is a green and renewable energy source that is becoming increasingly popular for BC residents. Choosing a solar energy system reduces your carbon footprint, decreases your energy costs, and increases the value of your property. Though there are several benefits of solar power, many homeowners wonder if it is enough to power everything in their home. If you are wondering if you can run your entire house on solar power, BNR Electric can help. As leading providers of electrical solutions and experts in solar energy, our team has provided some information on how solar energy works and what is required for an effective system.

Will solar power save you money?

How Does Solar Energy Work?

Solar energy is generated for a home or commercial building through the use of a solar panel system. Sunlight makes contact with the solar panels, generating a DC (direct current) field which then flows from the panels into a conductive wire. This conductive wire then brings the DC electricity to an inverter where it is converted to AC (alternating current) electricity which is then transported to the electrical panel/breaker box on a property.

Once this AC electricity reaches the panel, it can then be used to power any device within the building including lights, appliances, electronics, heaters, and more. If the solar system is tied to an electrical grid, excess energy that is not used will flow into the building’s utility metre, causing it to run in reverse and credit the property for “selling energy back to the grid”.

Is Solar Power Enough for a Home?

Every home will require a different amount of electricity and certain areas may receive more direct sunlight than others. In most cases, solar panels can generate enough electricity to independently power every device in a home. Grid-tied systems are a viable solution for many homes and tend to only require solar panels and inverter systems. For off-grid systems in remote locations, batteries may need to be added to a home to store excess energy in the event of prolonged overcast conditions or longer nights.

To learn more about solar power and how it can be a viable solution for your home, reach out to BNR Electric. Our team can be reached through our online contact form or by phone at 778-704-0312 and will be happy to assist you.

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